The World Is Better Project

Five works from the degree project of Matthew Mosher

  1. The American Way Of Life Is Not Negotiable
    This piece addresses both current politics and the nature of information distribution. The text “The American Way Of Life Is Not Negotiable,” while presented as fact on a gallery wall, can change through viewer input on the web site via a true / false survey. Due to this user interaction the piece calls into question whether or not democracy can determine truth.

    It's a metaphor for the kind of endless polls that the media does and the equally meaningless answers that they fit peoples reaction into.
    ~ Paul Badger

  2. The World Is ______
    Similar to the previous piece, but with the text "The World Is ______ Today Than It Was Yesterday" where the blank reads Better or Worse depending on a tally of onsite user input.

  3. American Dreams
    This piece collects global data on individual's American Dreams and forwards U.S. input to a receipt printer. This process reflects on current U.S. foreign policy by excluding non-nationals and comments on the material goals of capitalist America through the long receipt.

  4. Nothing Is True
    Thises manifesto discussing the topics of Art, Furniture Design, Craft, Green Design, and American Politics.

  5. Two Truths
    An installation at Wellesley College that displayed "Everything is True" or "Nothing is True" on a LED sign depending on recent viewer input through a brief online survey.
copyright 2006