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LIVE on Kickstarter

Hello to all my readers, I just wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity to fund my work:  Tranquility is now live on Kickstarter! Until 5…

Write up in the New Times

I had a nice interview with Lenni a couple weeks ago, and it went to print just before my Tranquility opening.  You can read the article here.

End Game

Here are some photos from the gallery installation:  


2/13/2012 Defend yourself!

The final stages

Got the ventilation fan, camera, and monitor hooked up last weekend and put the foam bumper on the sides.  Photos coming.  Install starts tomorrow.  I’m going to go…

Testing the Max Patch for Tranquility video feed

ASU News Feature!

Artist uses rocks, spaceships as interactive devices from ASU News on Vimeo. Graduate student Matthew Mosher in ASU’s School of Art is an explorer of human connections through…

Distilling the Concepts


Good looking

Port to Starboard

It’s all details now

Still to do: Lighting Upholstery Camera System

Getting paint, step 2

Getting paint, step 1

Kickin’ Steps

Compound miter that!

Chugging along

My sister just sent me this photo montage she made over the the past couple days while she was heeling with the rover. Pretty sweet.


Shaping up. I think it will need a bit more reinforcement than I thought.

Tranquility Rover Dev.

Here’s some rover photos, plans, and layouts I’ve been working on since the ASU fire marshall stopped responding to my emails.  Still trying to figure out if the…

Engine Combustion Tests

Awash, Adrift, Away – Walking Tour

View Awash, Adrift, Away – ART 115 3D Design Fall 2011 in a larger map Boats from my 3D Design class will be on display at ASU from…

High(ish) altitude camera tests

Since getting my keychain and gum cameras I’ve been shooting them up in rockets and sending them up with balloons.  Here are some videos from these experiments.  The…