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Just found this from last semester while dusting off the drive. An Interesting, but not quite feasible, collaborative project I did the visuals for on analyzing networking events….


Arduilay is an 8 channel AC relay box for use with Arduino, Max/MSP, Processing, etc.  I designed this system as an alternative to the USB>DMX 4 channel relay…

This too shall pass

Flip boat

Frames in place. Time to get the crush wood. Might have to go with kiln dried white oak or ash. No green wood or white cedar in the…

I’m on a boat

I’ve decided to make a boat as a summer project. I fell in love with the geodesic aerolite boats after seeing some of Matthias Pliessnig’s steam bent benches…

LIVE on Kickstarter

Hello to all my readers, I just wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity to fund my work:  Tranquility is now live on Kickstarter! Until 5…

The final stages

Got the ventilation fan, camera, and monitor hooked up last weekend and put the foam bumper on the sides.  Photos coming.  Install starts tomorrow.  I’m going to go…

Testing the Max Patch for Tranquility video feed

Distilling the Concepts


Good looking

Port to Starboard

It’s all details now

Still to do: Lighting Upholstery Camera System

Getting paint, step 2

Getting paint, step 1

Kickin’ Steps

Compound miter that!