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LIVE on Kickstarter

Hello to all my readers, I just wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity to fund my work:  Tranquility is now live on Kickstarter! Until 5…

The final stages

Got the ventilation fan, camera, and monitor hooked up last weekend and put the foam bumper on the sides.  Photos coming.  Install starts tomorrow.  I’m going to go…

Testing the Max Patch for Tranquility video feed

Distilling the Concepts


Good looking

Port to Starboard

It’s all details now

Still to do: Lighting Upholstery Camera System

Getting paint, step 2

Getting paint, step 1

Kickin’ Steps

Compound miter that!

Chugging along

My sister just sent me this photo montage she made over the the past couple days while she was heeling with the rover. Pretty sweet.


Shaping up. I think it will need a bit more reinforcement than I thought.


In addition to working on my thesis, I also took a Metals elective this semester and was finally able to make a ring I first sketched in Australia,…

It’s not just black and white

The site went live on Friday along with the soft opening at the ASU Art Museum.  This is definitely one of the more interesting and evocative projects I’ve…


Just published my new book PUERTAS, which is a collection of photographs of the beautiful multicolored doors they have in Cusco, Peru. PUERTAS by Matthew Mosher | Make…

An Impossible Catch & The Will To Follow

Source Code: An Impossible Catch Source Code: The Will To Follow Both build with: Processing

Kasmir Malevich

I’ve been playing around with Processing all semester and have been doing some Modernist tributes.  Here’s one to Kasmir Malevich based on his White on White, you’ve got…


Yesterday, Kelsey and I drew a 52′ wide chalk labyrinth on one of the cement circles between the old mill on Mill Ave and A Mountain.  Go give it…

Monolith One

I just realized I never posted photos of this project I did last semester.  This is the first installment in a series of Monoliths I’ve been thinking about…

Everywhere I’ve been: February 2010

For my VizProto class I attached a GPS logger (iPhone) to my bike and recorded everywhere I went via bicycle during the month of February.  I also recorded…