We got a sweet little write up in yesterday’s Globe:

The reach of youth
While the owner has vacated for the month, LaMontagne Gallery’s art preparator Aaron M. Segal has taken over the space to stage “Beg Borrow Steal: An Unauthorized Use of the LaMontagne Gallery,’’ a sprawling show of 28 young artists who recycle or cannibalize resources. Young artists have been doing that forever, and it’s often hard to tell, looking at the work, what element was appropriated.
Still, it’s a lively exhibit, gritty although sometimes overreaching. The paintings, in particular, stand out. Vanessa Irzyk’s “Bodacious’’ shows a voluptuous woman in a black bra. Her hair and bra are tonally flat, but her skin is beautifully modulated, and the contrast works. Brian Willmont’s gouache “Mars Landing’’ shimmers in unearthly tones, as a green single-engine plane lands on the steamy yellow ground. Lily Morris’s “Sea Monster’’ marries an atmospheric combustibility reminiscent of a J.M.W. Turner painting with a huge, insect-like creature straight out of a B-movie.

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Good job Aaron getting it all together.