Humans vs Cyborgs is a participatory art game that references the contemporary themes of intervention and the everyday. For one night only as part of the ASU School of Art Live Art Platform, YOU can fight for humanity by playing Humans vs Cyborgs.

Here are the rules:
On Wednesday, April 27th at 7 pm, we will be gathering at the Cornerstone building to begin the resistance. Come early, come prepared. You will probably want to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You will be provided with a headband that identifies your position as a human. We have intelligence that at least one cyborg will be waiting in our midst. Once that cyborg touches someone, the resistance will begin. Expect the following:

1 – If you are touched (tagged) by a cyborg, you will have been infected by the virus. You will have to flip your headband to indicate that you have become a cyborg. There will be inspectors making sure that you maintain the proper identification.

2 – If you have become a cyborg, you will be compelled to turn more humans into cyborgs. Touch as many as you can to spread the virus.

3 – Humans are not powerless in this exchange. Do not listen to what they say. If three humans encircle a cyborg, they can inoculate the cyborg and it will be turned back into a human. The newly recreated human will then flip the headband back to the human side.

4 – There are boundaries to the field. Inspectors will be enforcing those boundaries. Humans who violate the boundary will be required to remain motionless, meaning vulnerable, within the boundaries and count out loud to ten. Cyborgs who violate the boundaries will be required to remain motionless outside the boundaries and also count out loud to ten. In either case, after counting to ten, boundary violators will be allowed return to the defense and aid of their comrades.

5 – Some humans will be provided with a circuit disrupting orb that will temporarily freeze the operation of a cyborg. If a human throws the orb at a cyborg and makes contact, the machine will be disabled until it counts to ten. Humans can reuse these orbs as much as necessary.

6 – The resistance has a finite period of time to succeed. After one hour, the numbers of humans and cyborgs will be counted by the inspectors and a victor will be declared.

You can read more about the event and our theories behind it on the game blog.  You can even join the event on FaceBook.