Nathaniel Lewis‘s Thesis show happened earlier this month, and it was by far the best show I have ever seen in the Harry Wood Gallery.  Let me take that a step further, it was the best show I’ve seen in the greater Phoenix Metro area.

Nathan’s work is deeply bizarre.  Lots of fuzzy or shiny baby like creatures exploding in different ways or trying to eat each other, or themselves.

What separates Nathan’s work from a lot of other local work is a melding of conceptual prowess, humor, and material mastery.  In viewing this work I can’t even figure out what half of them are made out of, but damn do they look good.  (His blog reveals some of his technique.)  The shear number of objects stands out in an area where the bare minimum is often the popular response to artistic work.  Nathan also makes innovative use of all space available in the gallery, from the floor, to pedestals, and the wall, to the ceiling.

I only fear for the 1 acre plus of rainforest that probably died to make each of these cute golems.

And honestly, the large stuffed pieces looked like they were there only to fill space.   Humongous flocked golems might have been interesting though…

Nathan’s show will be up again at the Night Gallery in Tempe Marketplace from 7 May 2010 – 1 June 2010.

Images © 2010 Nathaniel Lewis.