SB 1474

SB1474 is an Arizona state bill that proposes to allow people above the age of 21 with concealed carry permits to bring their guns on campus. The AZ house approved the bill and it is now waiting for AZ senate and governor clearance.

To celebrate this new chapter in the wild west I have made a revolver silk screen, an will be happy to print it on any clothing you’d like March 21-22 free of charge. I have colors white, pink, turquoise, and brown, but will print any other color you bring me.

Whether these prints are for or against guns is up to you. I’m for visibility of the issue.



UPDATE: Thanks to all the media coverage of this issue, and a large response from the populace, SB1474 was not passed by the AZ Senate.

UPDATE2:  The Revolver Shirts are back and now available made to order on Etsy!


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  1. bonnie

    Love it, I want one!

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