detail of gold street mural

Matthew Mosher is pleased to announce the completion of a new street mural at Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar titled Where All The Streets Are Paved With Gold. The installation is visible in the parking spaces near the coffee shop’s drive through window. In these three spaces Mosher filled the cracks in the pavement with a gold caulking compound. When asked about the artwork Mosher says:

I am fascinated by the cracks that form in old asphalt and concrete. When I was a child, I remember hearing in history class the phrase that “in America, all the streets are paved with gold.” I missed the metaphor and thought it was ridiculous.  Most of the streets I knew were full of potholes. Much later, I learned about the Japanese art of kintsugi, in which broken ceramics are “glued” back together with gold lacquer.  This process makes the flaws in the form precious. Kintsugi made me reconsider the cracked streets. What if their breaks were filled with gold?

I completed the project at the beginning of the month while Drunken Monkey was restoring their parking lot.  The Coffee Shop is located at 444 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803.  They are  open M-Th 7am-10pm, F 7am-11pm, Sa 8am-11pm, Su 9am-10pm.