Folks, here’s a video on some specific finish samples for Hatchbox wood PLA.  It took me a while to find some solutions that I liked and worked well, so I wanted to share them with you.  In this video I look at a series of stains and finishes applied to raw (not sanded) 3D prints.

Here’s all the things I tried, with the ones that didn’t work so well crossed out.  All the sample parts were printed on a Creality Ender3 at 0.12mm layer height.

Minwax cherry stain
– Minwax olde maple polyshade
– Minwax mahogany gel stain (mixed 1:1 with polyurethane)

Deft lacquer
Watco danish oil
– Wipe on polyurethane
– Paste Wax (mixed 1:1 with mineral spirits)
1:1:1 (bee’s wax + mineral spirits + boiled linseed oil)

What’s that weird 3D printed thing with the text on it?  Cryptokhorlo!