Put the final touches on the ultralite skin-on-frame canoe over the past few weeks.  I had pre cut and pre bent the 12′ rub rails along with the gunwales and inwales.  They were barely long enough to to run the length of the boat and the terminals are a bit blocky.  I used #6 one inch brass screws on every rib intersection to hold the rub rails on so that I can remove them easily in a few years when the boat will need a new skin.  (The polyester skins wear out in 2-3 years due to UV light degradation.)

The cut water was also screwed on (#4 brass half inch), but I sealed each screw hole with silicon glue to help prevent water from getting in the holes.  We’ll see how this holds up, I might have to epoxy it down later.  Because of the bends on either end this piece was made from steam bent ash like the ribs.  Actually, two pieces of bent ash that were scarf joined together.

And then it was time to launch!  Took it over to Lake Ivanhoe where there is a fantastic kayak launch dock.  I used stainless steel eyebolts on the breasthooks so I could tie it to the ladder rack.  Will replace with brass ones at some point.

Then did a Christmas day paddle with my sister at Lake Baldwin.  Just a boat ramp here so we had to try a water launch.  All went well.  It will need some kind of foot rests in the future for better support.

More photos are in my portfolio.