The summer has been full of conferences for me, and I can now share some of the artwork from them with you! One good thing to come from the global pandemic is the significantly increased access to online digital artworks. While not everything translates to an online format smoothly, it certainly makes it easier to see! Below are a few of my works currently available for online viewing.


Pythia Consulting made an appearance at the Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics, and X.  On their site you can read a blurb about the project, watch a demo video, and even try out an interactive web-based version of the phone (scroll down).  The full xCoAx exhibition is available here.


Pythia was also included in the (un)continuity exhibition in conjunction with the Electronic Literature Organization conference.  My other work What We Have Lost / What We Have Gained was also along for the ride in this show.  You can view both my works here, or see the full exhibition here.


An interactive sculpture collaboration I worked on while in Austria, titled Silver, was demonstrated at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference this past week.  Here’s a link to our demo video.  The cataloging of this event takes a bit longer, so other works from the conference will not be available for a couple more months.