I had help from my wonderful mother with bending and glue the ribs for the ultralite canoe.  Somehow I escaped furniture design school without ever steam bending wood, so this was new for me.  We did more laminate bending at RISD.  It all went smoothly, though.  I used PLPremium polyeurethane glue and a combination of spring clamps and zip ties to hold the ribs in place.

 One area that gave me trouble was marking the locations of the ribs.  I had them laid out on the box beam, and transferred them to the gunwales and keelson using a combination of squares and levels.  Everything checked out as I was marking them, but then afterwards there was 0.25-0.5 inch differences in the rib spacing along the keel.  I would do this differently next time, though not sure how.  Maybe lay them out on the keelson initially and then use some kind of flexible square to mark them on the gunwales.