UNIT 1: Between 2D and 3D

OBJECTIVE: To introduce the differences between the two-dimensional picture plane and three- dimensional volume, space, and structure.

GOAL: To create a three-dimensional cube based abstract sculpture relief.

PROJECT: Where mountains pierce the sky – Cubes intersecting a plane


  1. Build six 3” cubes out of cardboard. Do not fold the cardboard. Remember to consider material thickness. Use glue, not tape.
  2. Arrange them in such a way that they intersect a horizontal or vertical cardboard plane that measures 9” by 9” and 3” deep.       Consider angles, rotation, shadows, symmetry, and spacing.
  3. Cubes and or plane should be cut to accommodate each other and glued in place.

READING:     Launching the Imagination Chapters 5, 7

VOCABULARY: Two-dimensional, three-dimensional, picture plane, form, positive / negative, void / volume, solid, space, orientation, mass, polyhedra, relief, texture

REFERENCES: Rachel Whiteread, Julia Wagner

MATERIALS: Cardboard, Hot Glue, White Glue, Straight Edge, Matte Knife, Right Triangle, Cutting Mat