UNIT V1: Modular Units and Repetition

OBJECTIVE: Introduction of the concepts of “repetition,” “modularity,” and “part to whole” relationships. Application of modular principles to the construction of three-dimensional form.

PROJECT: We fly on leaves of frost – Book Art


  1. Given a used book, fold each page to create a pattern. Experiment with different folds and different patterns.
  2. Create an artist’s book using mixed materials. Books should have at least 10 pages if hand bound and 20 pages if using a found book. All pages should relate to each other somehow and be considered parts of a whole. These books should be precious objects, treasures. Consider:
    1. Modifying a book that is important to you
    2. Binding your own book
    3. Size / Weight / Texture
    4. Use of Text
    5. Ramifications of Material choices
    6. Message

READING:      Launching the Imagination C 6, review 15, Nature of Design Section IV

VOCABULARY: module, modularity, part-to-whole, repetition, rhythm, free-form, non-objective, connectors, connections, prototype, pattern-maker, jig, template, vacu-forming, production.

REFERENCES: Ron Arad, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, John Utzon, Peter Zumthor, Carl Andre, Tara Donovan

MATERIALS: Books, mixed media, paper, string