PROJECT 3: Final Project

OBJECTIVE: To use advanced coding techniques to create a portfolio quality dynamic sculpture piece that includes sound and / or kinetic elements that respond to viewer interaction.

GOAL: To create a sculpture that responds to viewer presence though dynamic digital sound or digital motion.


  1. The final project is somewhat open, however it must include these elements:
    • Arduino
    • Motion via a controlled stepper motor OR triggered audio playback
    • An interactive and/or responsive element via sensor input.
    • A “concept.”
  2. Your project can build on concepts considered in your earlier projects but must manifest itself as it’s own distinct project, i.e. it can not simply be an iteration.
  3. Start by sketching!
    • Sketch at least ten different ideas.
    • Choose three that you like the most and develop them further (with models / samples).
    • Choose one to present to the class, but be prepared to speak about the other two if needed.
  4. Make art.

VOCABULARY: arduino, shield, stepper motor, motor controller, collar, flex coupler

REFERENCES: Daniel Rozen, Sabrina Raff, Janet Cardiff, Theo Kaccoufa, Tim Hawkinson, Hiroshi Ishii, Andrea Polli, Ken Rinaldo, Tine Bech