PROJECT 1: Extension of the Body

OBJECTIVE: To develop ability in ideaforia through research and sketching. To bridge existing skill in 3D Design with heightened conceptual practice.

GOAL: To create a physical extension of your body that addresses some aspect of your identity.


  1. To get started, write down responses to these items in your sketchbook:
    1. List 3 things you would like about yourself you like.
    2. List 3 things you would like about yourself you don’t like.
    3. List 3 things about yourself that are really right.
    4. List 3 things about yourself that are really wrong.
  2. Note that while this project is about the body, the points of departure above are not specific to the body.
  3. How would you translate these ideas into something else?
  4. How do these ideas about you inform this extension of yourself?
  5. Continue researc­hing online or elsewhere about the ideas we discussed in class and investi­gate the many different art forms out there that explore ideas of ‘the extension of the body’.
  6. Specifically, find three examples of existing artworks, designs, or projects that extend the body in ways related to how you are thinking about this project. Post these as inspiration to your daily social media feed and record them in your sketchbook.
  7. Of all the ideas you have now, select and refine three of them with sketches and models.
  8. Select one and make it!

READING: Participation, Criticism

VOCABULARY: Ideaforia, participation, embodiment, phenomenology, identity, self, the ship of theseus

REFERENCES: Stelarc, Antunez Roca, The Yes Men, Marina Abramovic, Santiago Sierra, Tehching Hsieh, Yoko Ono, John Boehme, Rebecca Horn, Jenine Antoni