UNIT VIII: Phenomenon, Change, Motion

OBJECTIVE: To make explicit the connection artists and designers working in three-dimensional art feel with physical events and actual processes—both natural and human-made…

PROJECT: The view outside my window shows clearly the colors of my country – Stop Motion Animation


  1. In groups of 3, brainstorm ideas for a stop animation movie. Materials are open, but the movie must be non figurative (no people or human / animal characters), and should use 3D design and color principles as its theme, but there should also be a deeper conceptual meaning to the piece.
  2. Discuss shots and camera motions.
  3. Storyboard your animation, there should be at least 5 distinct shots / scenes (Due: 11/23)
  4. Build a set(s) for your animation and make all of the necessary elements. You can use found materials in addition to fabricated components, but the found materials must be modified.
  5. Write a press release paragraph about how your animation addresses the themes of this course for the critique.
  6. Shoot at least 600 still digital photos for your animation (1min @ 10fps). Make sure to stabilize the camera with a tripod or similar device and use adequate lighting.
  7. Use Photoshop to clean up any distortions in color and lighting.
  8. Assemble the image sequence in FrameByFrame, free software for Mac http://web.mac.com/philipp.brendel/Software/FrameByFrame.html (Edit > Import Images. It helps to shoot your shots in sequence and separate shots into folders.)
  9. Export your animation as a QuickTime movie and bring it to class on a CD, DVD, or jump drive.

READING:      Launching the Imagination Chapters 13, 14

VOCABULARY: phenomenon, event, actual vs. simulated, natural, human-made, process, time, real-time, duration, beat, cut, chronology, dissolve, duration, editing, frame, fade, flashback, rhythm, scene, sequence, setting, pace, plot, montage, shot, tempo, story, wipe, take, series, causality

REFERENCES: Claymation, Sinbad, Aardman, Judder Man, The Fantastic Mister Fox

MATERIALS: Mixed Media, Cameras, Tripods