UNIT V1: Modular Units and Repetition

OBJECTIVE: Introduction of the concepts of “repetition,” “modularity,” and “part to whole” relationships. Application of modular principles to the construction of three-dimensional form.

GOAL: Make a wearable clothing item out of modular units.

PROJECT: We fly on leaves of frost – Multiples Apparel


  1. Sketch 10 ideas for a garment that fulfills a purpose, literally and / or conceptually. Examples include: A hat to attract a mate, wearable flatware that intentionally prevents consumption, thus resulting in weight loss, a wearable accessory that keeps people away, an outfit that prevents you from doing your least favorite chore, clothing that attracts attention by use of sound, a hat that facilitates a constant source of food. Come up with your own.
  2. Find a object that you can acquire in vast quantity that relates to your garments intended purpose. Examples include: plastic utensils, paper cups, sugar packets, toothpicks, matches, playing cards, balloons, nails, soda cans, etc.       Make 5 samples of different ways you can join your material together. However, consider using a material with substantial durability.       This may be the most time consuming project you have so it would be nice to make something cool enough that you would actually wear it out. Another way to approach this problem is to choose a material first and come up with a concept based on that material. Due: 19 April 2011
  3. Make 5 different sample connections using one or two of your objects and binders.
  4. Using at least 500 of your chosen object make your garment sized so that you can wear it. You may use one other type of object as a binder (staples, glue, key rings, etc.) if necessary, but ask me first. No tape!
  5. For our critique we will have a runway show open to the public. Be ready. Bring in a song you want to play while you or your model walks. Also have a one paragraph art work statement describing your piece written like a press release.

READING:      Launching the Imagination C 11, 15

VOCABULARY: module, modularity, part-to-whole, repetition, rhythm, free-form, non-objective, connectors, connections, prototype, pattern-maker, jig, template, vacu-forming, production.

REFERENCES: Ron Arad, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, John Utzon, Peter Zumthor, Carl Andre, Tara Donovan, Juan Munoz, Susan Gaylord, Urban Camo Stokholm, Robin Lesser