PROJECT: Color Lines

OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate your understanding of the visual elements of art and the principles of design.

GOAL: Create a 2” x 12” composition of vertical lines that evolves, progress, or has a narrative element. Your composition should include a variety of line types, visual depth by overlapping and value transitions, rhythm, unity, and a consistent color scheme.


  1. Tape (on the back) together enough paint chips to create a 2” x 12” sheet. This is your ground surface on which your composition will be built.
  2. Start cutting, tearing, and otherwise manipulating your remaining paint chips into 2” long lines.
  3. Glue these lines onto your ground surface to complete the GOAL of the project. Use rubber cement or white PVA glue.
  4. Be sure your composition is dry and has nice even edges before turning it in.

VOCABULARY: Line, shade, value, light, depth, space, vertical, horizontal, dimensions, color, complementary, texture, balance, unity, variety, rhythm, proportion, emphasis.

MATERIALS: Paint ships, glue, scissors, hole punch, xacto knife.