For our final project you need to design a clock for a particular type of person.  The target audience for the clock is up to you.  The unique thing about this clock is that it cannot include any numbers or letters, so you need to think creatively about how to visually represent time data.  Since we will be using Processing to develop these clocks, you can think of this as a high fidelity implementation prototype mixed with a bit of a look and feel prototype, at least as far as the display is concerned.  Clock is a bit vague, so you should identify for yourself if you will be making a wrist watch, a desk clock, a mobile clock app, or a wall clock.  Whichever you choose, you do not need to design the physical components of the system (like a strap, mount, box, or phone), just the screen part.

n00b mission:

  • design a clock
  • that does not include numbers or letters
  • that updates and shows second by second progress through time
  • that includes your name in the comments at the top of the code file
  • that has  a target user – include a description of this user and the role the clock plays in their life in the comments at the top of your code
  • where the size of your clock should depend on the format, so a watch would be 200x200ish, a desk clock 700x200ish, an app 640x480ish, a wall clock 1080x1080ish, etc.

l33t mission:

  • meets all the requirements for the n00b mission
  • that allows for setting an alarm by mouse clicking somewhere in the display, this should be intuitive and clearly represented
  • that has a signifier showing the alarm is set
  • that plays  a sound when the alarm time is reached

In terms of grading, I will be looking at the rubric in the context of the following parameters:

  • Requirements:  Clock doe snot include numbers or letters.  Includes your name and target user in code comments.
  • Technique: Code runs, shows current time including seconds, code is well commented.
  • Concept: Target users clearly defined.  Target user is specific (not all people).
  • Aesthetics: Project has good composition and uses complex colors: fill(0), stroke(255), fill(255, 0, 0) are not complex,  fill(237, 109, 33) is.
  • Interaction:  Idea is unique and original (beyond an everyday analog clock).  Alarm, if implemented, is intuitive.

Name your sketch ClockYourName, and upload a zip archive of your sketch folder here.