Video documentation from semester long creative projects presented at UCF Celebrates the Arts 2018 at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center.

Over the course of the semester you will be working on a creative project of your own design.  This can be an art installation or other media based work.  We will have at least one concept critique and one work in progress critique for this project, as well as a final critique.

The tentative plan is to install these projects on 7 April 2018 at the Dr. Phillips Performance Art Center for UCF Celebrates the arts.  Note the Saturday date – participation is mandatory, so save the date.  Hopefully we will have a bunch of new tech to work with, including four projectors and several types of gesture sensors.  However, you should be prepared to invest in any materials, tools, and supplies you need to complete this project.  You will also need to submit your project to at least one public call for exhibition.

The scope of this work is broad, but should incorporate:

  • Work should engage the “viewer” through participation / interaction.
  • Work should include sensed data from the “viewer” (motion, vocalizations, gesture, touch, etc) as input and respond with dynamic visual and/or audio output.
  • Work should fit in the genre of New Media.
  • Work should related to your own research / creative practice.

You may work individually or in pairs on this project, but my expectations of group efforts are significantly higher.