PROJECT 3: Urban Intervention

OBJECTIVE: To deeply consider the site, context, and audience for a piece.

GOAL: To create a physical temporary installation somewhere outdoors, off-campus, and away from where you live. End product may be a sculptural / media installation or a performance, or a mixture. Piece should exist for at least one day.


  1. Consider your environment / surrounds:
    1. What is a place you really like? Why?
    2. What is a place you really hate? Why?
    3. Where do you go for peace and calm? Why?
    4. Where do you go for excitement and energy? Why?
    5. Where do you go to be social? Why?
  2. Choose a spot that you relate to on an emotional level, that you feel strongly about.
  3. Spend at least an hour in this place. Who goes there? Talk to at least three people about why they are there.
  4. Sketch ideas on how you could improve / modify / augment / comment on / disapprove of this place.
  5. Make your piece.
  6. Install / perform it.
  7. Document it.
  8. Did people notice your installation / performance? How did they react to it? Is this what you expected?

READING: Interventionists 1, Interventionists 2

VOCABULARY: Site, context, audience, place, terrain, site-specific, public art, land art, ephemorous art, monuments, memorials

REFERENCES: Kryzsztof Wodiczko, The Yes Men, Michael Rakowitz, Banksy, Ann Morton, Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long