GOAL: To create a persuasive website or embodied experience.

OBJECTIVE: Students will gain experience working with the web, non-linear narrative, and interaction design.  


  1. To get started, write down responses to these prompts in your sketchbook:
    1. What are you fighting for?
    2. What would a soldier’s uniform in this fight look like?   Draw it.  Describe it.
    3. What do you complain about?
    4. Ask someone who doesn’t understand your problem for help.  What did they say?
    5. Enact their solution.  What did you do?
    6. What is something that’s not right that you feel like you can do nothing about?
    7. What is the difference between fake news, propaganda, and advertising?
  2. Note that this project is about subversion and persuasion, not bludgeoning.
  3. How would you translate these ideas into something else?
  4. Continue researc­hing online or elsewhere about the ideas we discussed in class and investi­gate the many different art forms out there that explore ideas of ‘Culture Jamming’. (See related artists. Additional topics include ‘shop dropping’ and ‘interventionist’.)
  5. What is the role of ‘audience’ in your site/experience?
  6. What is the role of ‘narrative’ in your site/experience?  Is it linear or non-linear?
  7. If you haven’t already, choose your path: a website or embodied experience.
  8. Of all the ideas you have now, select and refine three of them with sketches and models.
  9. Select one and make it!


  1. Work must fit within the realm of Digital Media
  2. Work must have a functioning web component
  3. Site must include at least 5 pages
  4. Site must implement a navigation structure
  5. Site must be public on the internet
  6. Site must try to persuade its audience toward some goal

RELATED READINGS: Critical Art Ensemble, Maoulthrop, Aarseth, Oulipo, Weizenbaum, Suchman

RELATED ARTISTS: The Yes Men, Barbie Liberation Organization, ®™ark, Culture Jamming, Adbusters, Mouchette, Paul Sermon, Natalie Jeremijenko, Trevor Paglan, Guerilla Girls, Adrian Piper, Kara Walker, Dread Scott, Ai Wei Wei

Student Sites: