After midsemester we will start working on final projects.  You will have significant input on the your final project.  You will have roughly seven weeks to complete these projects, but there are some holidays mixed in there.  Our remaining in class sessions will be devoted to critiques, presentations, and guided studio work time.  There are a few requirements for the final projects.  Otherwise, your topics will be discussed in class and individually with the professor. The first step is to brainstorm and write a project proposal.


  • Project must be interactive.
  • Project must use an microprocessor running code written by you.
  • Project must include a soldered circuit board or shield.  You may use header pins and other connectors (JST, headphone jacks, barrel jacks, etc) to preserve your components.  You cannot use a breadboard in your final project (though you can of course use it during the design process).
  • Project must be housed in an enclosure of some kind.  The electronics should not be exposed (unless that is a meaningful part of your design, discuss with professor).  The enclosure, or parts of it, may be 3D printed, but does not have to be.
  • Your project may use other shields and sensors that we have not covered in this course, but use your judgment.
  • Your project may communicate back to a computer running other software, but doesn’t have to.


Create a 2-5 minute video that demonstrates and explains the concepts behind your project.  These should be ‘professional’ portfolio quality videos.  Use a tripod and good lighting.    Your video should include audio narrative explaining the thought process behind and functionality of your work. Cameras, tripods, and audio recorders are available for checkout from the Tech Lending DPAC 250 and the Media Lab CMB 178. Most smartphones shoot decent video, too, but please use a tripod. You can edit your video with whatever software you are comfortable with (Final Cut, Premiere, iMovie, etc).  If you’ve never done video editing before, here’s a fast and dirty demo on using Premiere.

Upload your video to the blog and post the link here.